Trucking Wrecks

The city of Atlanta is full of commercial trucks travelling through it each day. Unfortunately, due to their size and weight, these trucks can cause severe damage if they are involved in a collision with a smaller passenger car.

If you or someone you know has been injured in such an accident, it is important to reach out to a skilled attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer will be able to help you determine who to hold accountable and pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

What are the common causes of truck accidents?

Operating a large commercial vehicle is a serious responsibility that requires truck drivers and their employers to take precautions to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. When truckers or trucking companies act negligently, serious collisions often occur.

The most common causes of truck wrecks are:

  • =Distracted/reckless driving
  • =Fatigue from long work hours
  • =Inexperience
  • =Negligent of safe guidelines
  • =Equipment malfunction

What should I do after a truck accident?

Truck accidents are unfortunately common in Atlanta, having the right legal team by your side can be crucial to your recovery. Because of the severity of these accidents, they can lead to devastating injuries, medical bills and other losses.

After your accident, you should

1. Call the Police & File a Report
2. Visit the hospital and have a medical doctor check for injuries

It’s important that you document your injuries and have a police report ready so that we can determine whether or not you have a case. Even if your injuries appear minor, or if you do not feel you’ve been injured much at all, these can still turn into major injuries down the road. Contact us today and we’ll help determine if you’re entitled to compensation.


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