Car Accidents

When drivers act carelessly, accidents happen. They can cause anything from minor property damage to severe or fatal injuries. Just one moment of inattention can have life-altering consequences. In 2020, 1,588 accidents proved deadly in the State of Georgia alone.

What are the common causes of car accidents?

After a car wreck, it’s important to investigate and look for evidence of driver error or negligence. This process may involve reviewing police reports and eyewitness testimony, examining accident photographs, and visiting the crash scene. Our legal team knows how to access important information in a car crash case, such as the driver’s medical and cellphone records.

The most common causes of car wrecks are:

  • =Speeding
  • =Failure to Yield
  • =Distracted Driving
  • =Failing to Signal When Changing Lanes or Making a Turn
  • =Illegal Passing
  • =Driving while Intoxicated
  • =Bad Weather

What should I do after a car accident?

Although car accidents are unfortunately common in busy cities like Atlanta, having the right legal team by your side can be crucial to your recovery. Accidents often result in devastating injuries, leading to significant medical bills and other losses.

After your accident, you should

1. Call the Police & File a Report
2. Visit the hospital and have a medical doctor check for injuries

It’s important that you document your injuries and have a police report ready so that we can determine whether or not you have a case. Even if your injuries appear minor, or if you do not feel you’ve been injured much at all, these can still turn into major injuries down the road. Contact us today and we’ll help determine if you’re entitled to compensation.


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