Negligent Security

Property owners and landlords must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their tenants, guests, and customers. This includes providing adequate security measures to protect against shootings, assaults, and other violent crimes. When business owners fail to provide reasonable security and someone is injured as a result, the law permits the victim to bring a negligent or inadequate security case against the owner.

Apartment Complexes and Commercial Properties

As the owner of an apartment complex or other commercial property, it is their responsibility to keep the property safe. There are some basic, common sense rules that responsible owners should follow in order to maintain security. For example, if a gate or some other security feature is broken, the owner should fix it. If an owner or management company fails to provide adequate security measures, criminals can take advantage of the situation and move into the property.

If a property owner or manager does not take proper security measures, they can be held responsible if you’ve been harmed as a result of a shooting, robbery, sexual assault, or other violent crime.

What measures can the property take to ensure adequate safety?

Business owners have a responsibility to take action when they become aware of a potential threat. Depending on the situation, there are various ways a business owner can address a threat on their property, and if failing to do so has resulted in a crime or injury against you or your family, you may be eligible to file a case for negligence.

Here are some ways a property can ensure safety:

  • =Installing surveillance cameras
  • =Installing fences and gates to deter criminal entrance
  • =Implementing check-in/out procedures
  • =Hiring security guards
  • =Installing extra lights in dark areas
  • =Placing warning signs of potential threats
  • =Conducting background checks

If you have suffered an injury or were the victim of a crime due to negligence on a property’s behalf, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact us today and let us determine whether or not you have a case.


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